CANDLE LIT                           INFRARED HEATED                       MUSICALLY DRIVEN


challenging convention with every flow


The SIX Power Flow is an artfully sequenced, invigorating, playful class in which movement is harmonized with breath. This dynamic class weaves in fluid movements to promote strength, stability, flexibility, mental focus and awareness of your body.  Your breath is your tool to become more aware of your body, your practice, and your mind to stay present in the moment. The class encourages tapping into your inner knowledge -- allowing you to feel when to challenge yourself and also when to add ease and support. We flow through high energy beats ranging from old school to new school hip hop, top 40 and fan favorites in a fun, candlelit, energy filled atmosphere.  The SIX Power Flow can be modified for any level, allowing practitioners of all abilities to feel both challenged and supported. Our classes are heated 90-95 degrees. 



Slow Flow is a slower version of The SIX Power Flow, an appealing approach for both beginners and experienced yogis. A slower practice ensures you find more time and space to learn the basics and get in touch with your body. Additionally, it is a great opportunity for deeper exploration of advanced poses. In Slow Flow, we encourage you to take your practice at your own pace and finish with a bit of rest to heal your body and nervous system.

Heavily Meditated

Imagine a class where you're encouraged to completely chill in a candle lit room, where you're gently guided to tune deeply into your breath, body, mind, and whole being, all while listening to your favorite R&B artists. Now imagine walking away with less stress, more clarity, calm, and a deeper connection to who you are. That's what you can expect to find in Heavily Meditated. Heavily Meditated combines powerful meditation exercises with gentle, mindful movement, and an incredible playlist for a unique meditation experience. Come chill at The SIX. 

The SIX Cool down

The SIX Cool Down was created to compliment The SIX Power Flow and Slow Flow. Rooted in Yin and Restorative styles, postures are held from 3-5 minutes to help the body relax into deeper layers of tissues and fascia while opening up areas of tightness. Perfect for all levels and room is unheated. 

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