Community Impact

The SIX is a locally owned and operated business built from the ground up. The goal of The SIX is to create a fitness community and space to challenge the norm. A space where you can be unapologetically you and not have to try to fit in. At The SIX we look different, talk different, run our business different and we embrace and encourage you to be you.

At The SIX music is at the heart of it all and we are Seattle’s first Hip Hop studio. Founders Saman and Karen grew up listening to Hip Hop music, it is what fuels their lives and passions and is what translates to the unique class styles at The SIX. More than the amazing beats, at its core Hip Hop challenges the norm, is fearless, often telling stories of underdogs, encourages one to express themselves and provides an outlet for liberation of mind, body and soul. This is what we do here at The SIX and this is why we call ourselves a Hip Hop studio.

We do not ignore the roots and the origins of Hip Hop from Black culture and as a result at The SIX we take our social responsibility seriously.

  • We pride ourselves on maintaining both a staff and teaching team of majority POC (People of Color).

  • Creating pathways for POC fitness industry teachers to find  a launchpad in their career, hosting a yearly cohort for Good Vibes Teaching Residency (Summer 2018).

  • Quarterly community events throughout Seattle putting together fun fitness and wellness parties while raising money and benefiting underrepresented populations and causes we are passionate about.

  • Launched the Conscious Conversation series at The SIX. These conversations revolve around the following but not limited topics: equity, race, fitness, wellness, culture and music, and/or relevant current events.

  • Partner with businesses, organizations and people who align with our values and to provide a platform and voice within and outside our studio to showcase their unique skills, products and services.

The SIX is a constantly evolving community  that is created for you and by you. We listen to our community, grow with our community and together we are stronger and better raising the bar for inclusivity and quality in fitness and wellness.

Are you in?